What does the ASGL do?

  • It puts forward ideas from the members in order to improve the life of the club.
  • It represents the interests of the members in dealings with the directors of the club.
  • It organises golfing activities - championships, competitions, inter-club outings etc.
  • It finds sponsors for events organised by the Association.
  • It supports the different teams in departmental and regional competitions.
  • It helps to promote golf particularly with the younger members.

Who is it for? It is for everyone who wants to participate and share their ideas and their passion for golf.
Why join?

  • To participate and share in a number of events run by the Association.
  • To try to make improvements at the club.
  • To help in the discovery of golf for the younger members.
  • To be a part of and support the different teams that may partake in external competitions.

Is it obligatory? No, however to be a member costs 20 euros per person which can be paid for at the same time as your subscription. This money is then used in the interest of the members.
Actions already taken in 2011: April - Start of the ASGL June - A new committee was elected. The participation in the mid-amateur championship for both the men and women in May, the trophy Perce Neige, VML for Benji, LDAS, the scramble sponsored by the boutiques of Mathilde and Jean-Louis, a sports day held at the rugby stadium in Le Bugue for children to come and try different sports and last but not least the Members Challenge held in October have all been organised with the help of the Association. The plan for 2012: To once again organise the charitable events held at the club and to organise other competitions so as to include the greater number of members. To create a sporting calendar for the men, the women and the seniors. To organise 'theme' days with the pro to help us try to improve our games! And to try to encourage younger people to take up the sport

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